The Ever-Changing World of SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or S-E-O for short, plays a major role in how well your site shows up in the search engines, such as Google or Bing. The methods for good SEO are constantly changing, since the methods used by the search engines to index your site are constantly being updated.

Staying on top of these changes can be a daunting task. Techniques that worked last year, may not work well in the present day. If your site has not been evaluated for search engine placement and proper SEO lately, you should seriously consider looking into having an evaluation done. Many times, a few small changes can make a substantial difference.

What Should You Do About It?
If we built your current web site, then we included many basic SEO properties in the design and build of the site. If we did not build your site, you should have us do an SEO evaluation for you. Many web designers do not consider SEO as a part of the site design and therefore, your site may be seriously lacking in this area.

If we built your site over a year ago, you probably need to have us take a look to see where we can improve on the existing optimization. If we built your site several years ago, then we really need to do an evaluation. Things have changes a lot since then.

What Has Changed So Much?
In the past couple of years, Google has made some major updates to its search algorithm. These changes have placed a greater importance to site content and “freshness” than ever before. This makes keeping your site updated with new, optimized content important. Also, many of the older techniques that may have been used could need to be updated or removed altogether.

Tracking Tools
It is valuable to know how many visitors you have, where they come from, and what they do when they get to your site. If you do not have Google Analytics installed on your site, and Google and Bing Webmaster Tools tracking your site performance, you are missing out on a great chance to see what is really happening on the site. If you need help, we can install and setup these tools for you, and I encourage you to add them, if you haven’t already.

Other Ways To Create Better Rankings
As you can see, there are a lot of factors that play a role in how your site gets ranked. The keywords you use in the site content, link building strategies, social media marketing, site structure and how the site is coded can all make a positive impact on organic (non-paid) search. Contact us and let us show you how you can improve your sites listing.