Website Performance Audits and Health Checks

How is your website working for you? Is it driving customers to your door? Is it selling products for you business? Is it ranking well on search engines?

If you answered no to any, most and in particular all of these questions, you are probably due to give you site a bit of a digital tune-up.

Website Audit Graph

Website User Experience Statistics

94% of visitors don’t trust an outdated website.
86% of website visitors are looking for information about a company’s products services.
53% of mobile users will leave if the page does not load in 3 seconds or less.

What Can I Do to Make My Site Work Better?

A good website audit or health check is a great place to start getting your website back on track. There are a number of things you can do to improve your website and how it performs. Some are fairly easy and some require a bit more effort. The website audit will let you know what areas of your website need work and which ones are doing just fine.

If your site is not performing at it best, you are not alone. Most websites start to lose their shine after a little while.

We are here to help! We can help you find the solutions you need to get your site running at peak performance.

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