We have heard the saying that necessity is the mother of invention. This adage is probably true, now more than ever.

Many times in our past, challenging times have caused some major breakthroughs in the way we conduct business and live our lives.⁠ Adapting to the changes and challenges have forced us to re-evaluate how we work, play, and join together.

As I write this, graduations, church services, concerts, etc., are all happening in different ways from what we knew a few short months ago. In many cases, these events are not happening at all. That doesn’t mean we should ignore the significance of these occasions.⁠ Instead, we need to look for alternative methods in which to participate.
We have all seen stories of drive-by birthday parties, graduation parades, and other creative measures to continue with our lives in as normal a manner as possible. We need to apply this to our business lives, as well.

There may be lots of things we cannot do in our businesses, at the moment, but that offers us the opportunity to look for new ways to do our work or find a new service that we can provide.⁠ Look for ways that your business can adapt to the times and find ways to step up and provide your service or products in a new way. This may be the perfect climate to start a new branch or service offering. Be creative. Look for needs and find ways you can help solve them.

There have been many examples of restaurants finding new ways to safely serve their customers, clothing designers who have switched to making masks, etc.

A recent example I have seen is how Coca-Cola is working to produce COVID-19 test tubes.

It turns out the 20-ounce cola bottles in their preform stage work perfectly for holding the test swabs and saline solution. The bottle caps keep the tubes safe during transport and the tubes can easily be sterilized using a few different methods. Coca-Cola has converted part of its production lines to make these test tubes to the tune of about 7 million tubes a week.

Your business may not be able to do something that technical or on that scale, but your customers are going to need your products and services, and finding new, safe ways to provide them may be the difference in your getting their business instead of your competition.

Who knows, you may even find a new service that you never thought of before.


Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash