This is a topic that I have been hearing a lot about, lately. Ever since Facebook’s IPO, their business model has changed dramatically, and in my opinion it has not been for the best. So, here is what you need to know about this social media site and its current trends for business and personal use.

First of all, Facebook has been changing its method of delivering your companies posts to your followers. With the onset of paid promotion of posts, the total “organic” (non-paid) reach of your posts to your company’s have dropped. In 2012 FB announced that you would only reach about 16% of your followers unless you paid to promote the post. New calculations and studies show that it is now somewhere in the 1-2% range. So, if your page has 500 followers, then 5-10 of your followers will see your post unless you pay to promote it. Welcome to the new world of Facebook.


Also, if your target audience is mostly younger people, especially teens, you are likely not reaching them at all. Teenagers and younger adults have been leaving FB in droves for a while now. I find this kind of ironic, since this is the very age group that FB started with. In fact, when it was started you could not become a member unless you were in college. Now, that audience has switched to Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and other outlets and have dropped Facebook like an old hat.

Personally, I have become quite uninspired by FB, lately. There is only so much interest I can get from people asking me to play the latest fad game or see posts about the strange color their noodles turned, when they cooked them last night. Is anyone really that interested in your life? Probably not. In fact, I probably would have quit the “book” by now if it weren’t for the fact that I manage several pages for clients.

My own business page has generated so little revenue potential, that it has become a waste of my time to even promote it. My time is better spent in other places. Some companies are already dropping off of FB and seeing little or no effect on their business. In fact one company reports that they have seen an increase through their same fans on other social media outlets after dropping their Facebook page. Also, I have seen the results of companies who have paid to promote their posts. It has worked well for some, but many have had little success with this strategy.

So, should you close your Facebook page? I guess that depends on your client demographic and whether you want to spend the money to increase your reach. If your client base is such that you want to reach older adults, then maybe Facebook is still the way to go, for now. It really depends on you and your company’s needs. Either way, I don’t feel like Facebook is going to be a viable means for reaching potential customers for most businesses for much longer. That is, unless they make some sort of change. We shall see how the trend continues.