Earth from space

We often have people contact us who have built their website with an online wed design software platform and want to know why their site isn’t showing up on Google. There are lots of these design sites out there that claim to be perfect for your website and the price seems like it is, in fact, a match made in Heaven. However, it is usually a case of you get what you paid for when you go this route.

This probably sounds like I am being a bit self-serving by recommending that you use a traditional web designer to create your site, and it may be self-serving, but it is the truth. There are just too many issues with the online design sites that make them a bad choice. The biggest one is that they often use poor coding techniques.

There are many things within the code of a web site that tell the search engines, like Google and Bing, what your site is about and this helps them know how to rank your site for certain searches. For instance, there is a standard heading structure in HTML that uses tags like H1, H2, etc. These tags are often not included in the code for these online design apps. You may have some other label such as “article heading” or something similar. While this may present the text in the same manner in a web browser, Google wants to see that H1 tag to know that the text with that tag is very important on that site. It WILL make a difference in how high your site is in the search results.

One of the things we often tell clients is that if your site looks great, but cannot be found in a search results page, then you are wasting your time and money. It is kind of like trying to locate your store while looking at the world from space. This is why we build search engine optimized pages as a part of any site we build. It helps give you map coordinates, if you will, to finding your site.

We want our clients to succeed, and to succeed they need to be found by their potential customers. It is pretty simple really. As I said, you really do want to use a professional web design company to build your web site. They will know what it takes to build you a site that looks great and that will also be found. If you want more information on how this all works, contact us and we can tell you more.