If you use the Internet in your job or if you stream video, Net Neutrality is a phrase you may have seen lately. I know I have. There is, once again, a plan to make the Internet less of an even playing field for everyone. The FCC is proposing that some entities such as Netflix or Comcast should be able to pay money to be able to have more of a “priority” on the speed and amount of bandwidth they are allowed to use, while the rest of us may be “throttled” back or slowed down.

I make a living from the Internet, by doing website design and search engine optimization, etc. How will this affect those of us who are in this field? I’m not sure, but I don’t feel like it will have too much of an effect on me or my work. I guess that depends on how they decide who gets throttled back and by how much. I can also understand that bigger users who are paying more should have more. It is the way the world works.

My bigger concern is about the regulation. Someone (our government) will have to oversee and regulate this. If you think the NSA is digging into people’s private lives now, then what happens when everything is being monitored by the government? To monitor the Internet, there will have to be hardware and software put into place to do that. Considering that the NSA was rumored to have been exploiting the Heartbleed Bug as a way of accessing information on people for a couple of years without letting anyone know about the issue, why should we trust them with this much control? I mean you don’t build a one million square feet facility in the middle of Utah for nothing.

Do you want the government prying into your life more than they already are? Me neither. You can sign a petition with the ACLU or the White House if you want your voice to be heard.