Some interesting information from an article I have read shows that people who use a mobile phone to access the Internet are more likely to fall for Phishing Scams.

Here are a few points from the article that I think are worth taking note of to avoid falling into the trap.

  1. Mobile users are the first to arrive.
  2. Mobile users accessing phishing websites are three times more likely to submit their login info than desktop users.
  3. Eight times more iPhone users accessed these phishing websites than Blackberry users.

Timing is very important because many of the sites are only easily accessible for a short period of time. After that many are blocked, filtered or removed altogether. This is probably one of the main reasons mobile users are so vulnerable. Your phone is always at hand and due to size restrictions, you often don”t get as many “visual clues” that a laptop or desktop user would.

If you spend a fair amount of time online from your phone, I recommend you read the article. It has some good tips for staying safe.