Have you thought about your advertising dollars and where they are best spent? Most business owners would answer, “Of course I do”. However, I am amazed at how many of these same people still invest thousands of dollars per year (or even per month) on Yellow Page ads and other traditional advertising media and ignore the potential of the Internet. None of these other media have the potential to reach people the way a well designed and marketed web site can. Let’s take a look at some comparisons.

Yellow Pages vs. Internet

The yellow pages ads are listed in a book that is printed once a year. Let me say that again; once a YEAR! A web site can be updated every minute or two if you are willing to spend the time. Look at some of the most popular blogs out there. Instapundit posted over fifty posts yesterday, not last week or last month, but yesterday alone. They are currently averaging over 400,000 visitors per day.

A web page is a dynamic, changing media. The yellow pages is extremely static content. Being updated only once a year does not really leave much room for keeping customers up to date with current promotions is it? One statistic I read recently, provides another comparison. The yellow pages receive approximately 1 billion searches per year. The Internet currently receives over 13 billion searches per year and growing.

Television vs. Internet

The biggest issues I see with television advertising are cost, duration, and lack of interest.

The cost to run a commercial on television is incredible, especially if you want to air it in a time slot that someone might actually see it. That does not even include the cost and time spent to create and produce the commercial. Which brings us to the next issue. A TV ad runs normally between 15 and 60 seconds. This is all the time you have to get your customers attention. That brings up the third problem. Do people watch commercials? Many people now watch recorded shows and skip the commercials. And if they don’t, they usually channel surf or go for a break while the commercials are on. This just does not work well for the advertiser unless they have the budget to run ads frequently on multiple channels and for a long time.

Radio vs. Internet

Radio advertising suffers from the same issues as TV ads. The commercials are expensive, short lived, and people tend to ignore them. With satellite radio growing in numbers, there are less people listening anyway.

Newspaper, Billboards, Direct Mail, etc.

The remaining forms of common advertising media are all on the decline. Many of them are slowing due to the impact the Internet has had and some are even being more heavily regulated. Newspapers are becoming more and more of an online media. Many print version only papers have closed their doors in the last few years. Direct mail is being replaced by email marketing and billboards are being regulated by many local governments because they are such an eyesore to many people. Where does that leave you the advertiser?

Advertising on the web is the strongest media available today and it is only going to grow from here. If you are not using this media to promote your business, you should start. Contact us to let us show you how.