Every day, we walk around with a small camera in our pocket. We call it a cell phone. These small, compact cameras are amazing. I am often impressed with the image quality that they are capable of producing. Like many people, I enjoy taking photos of events or places that I am visiting for my personal use or to share with others through social media. It is a great way to keep those memories in an easy to carry, convenient manner and for friends and family to keep up with one another. I am always reminded, at times like that, of the saying “The best camera is the one you have with you”.

However, this trend has a side effect in marketing and advertising that I call the “Good Enough” Syndrome. Simply put, what this means is that we have become desensitized to what true, high quality images really are and the importance of them in your marketing and advertising efforts, as a company.

We are now so accustomed to the quick grab “selfie” quality images and many companies will use these types of images in their marketing campaign. Am I saying that there is no place for these types of images? Absolutely not! If you are in a service industry, for instance, and you want to post a photo of a job in progress to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, by all means, post away. It is a great way to show what happens during a normal day in your company’s work life. Many customers will enjoy seeing this and, in that context, they will understand if the quality is not top notch (although you should still use a good quality image).

The problem I see, lies in the fact that companies are now starting to use these types of photos to show off their products and services on their websites and in printed marketing materials. When they weigh the cost of hiring a professional photographer to do high quality photos of their products vs the cost of just using ones they can create for themselves, many companies and individuals decide that their own photos are “good enough”. In your online and traditional marketing and advertising efforts, this is unacceptable!

This also applies to your office staff and management team. Many companies place photos of their staff on their company website and I think this is a great idea. This gives potential customers a face to put with a name and it increases the “personal touch” feel of your company. However, if you take a photo of your office manager that is too dark, out of focus or has some weird color cast while they are wearing a t-shirt and standing if front of a door in their office, you probably are not going to increase the public perception of your company. That may sound far fetched, but I have seen companies do this on their web sites.

No matter what your product or service is, it is still very important to show that product or service in the best possible way. I am not suggesting that you engage in false advertising. I am merely saying that your product or service, your corporate headquarters, and your employees are all part of your Brand and you should always strive to show that Brand in as professional a manner as possible.

Look at it this way, if your competitors are settling for “good enough”, then your company will truly stand out from the crowd if you are engaging in high quality, professional marketing practices. Don’t settle for “Good Enough”.